The Bladderstones

When student becomes the master, there is nothing left to do but to start a band. If you are looking for a maximum freedom, an interaction and if you love a sound of a band (and also if you want be able to fit in a car), then you will play in trio. If you understand music with your heart more than your mind, you will end up with blues. And that´s what The Bladderstones is – a band, which comes out of blues to get back to it again.

Tomáš Frolík (guitar, vocal) — one of the most talented young guitar players from his generation. Scholarship student at London Centre Of Contemporary Music. Succesful completion of HNC at London Centre Of Contemporary Music. Tomáš attended many masterclass lectures with great names such as Robben Ford or Marcus Miller.

Johnny Judl (bass guitar, lead vocal) — graduate at Prague Conservatory Of Music, multiinstrumentalist, as a musician traveled and performed through the Europe. He is a member of a famous band called Jablkoň (The Apple) with which he recorded over 11 CD´s and traveled through Europe, USA or Africa.

Michal Nosek (drums, vocal) – graduate at KJJ and Jazz intepretation at JAMU. His style of playing is very versatile and he plays in many different projects such as Personal Highway, eggnoise, Jana Lota, Maraca, Mario Bihary etc. With Michael we have put up some weight again, because he makes a great benefit for us and our playing.