8. 6. 2023 Chrudim Jazz ve vinárně
21. 6. 2023 Písek Balzám Café
22. 6. 2023 Volyně 20:00 h Městské muzeum ve Volyni
23. 6. 2023 Č. Budějovice Highway 61
16. 7. 2023 Děčín, Ústí nad Labem, Teplice Děčín (DC Rogalo), Ústí nad Labem (Malý Hamburk), Teplice (Malá Paříž)
25. 8. 2023 Jimramov Otevřeno Jimramov
27. 8. 2023 Bílina, Most Bílina, Most www.mala-pariz.cz
9. 9. 2023 Ostrava Setkání kytaristů 2023
7. 10. 2023 Brno Rusty Nail (festival BATCH) release party nového singlu IS IT REAL?

The BladderStones

The band The BladderStones is a storm that can enthrall and draw listeners to it´s own center, where they are held with a magnetic interplay of rhythm and guitar improvisations. The most important part of every song is an authentic story that has happened or will happen. The band is constantly crossing the boundaries between styles, creating their own fusion of ferocious guitar riffs, dynamic twists and new modern sounds. Maximum freedom, interaction and a big heart – that is the Art-Blues trio The BladderStones.

Tomáš Frolík (guitar, vocal) — one of the most talented young guitar players from his generation. Succesful completion of HNC at London Centre Of Contemporary Music. Tomáš attended many masterclass lectures with great names such as Robben Ford or Marcus Miller. Since 2018 Tomáš established two new original projects. In 2019 a well known songwriter Michal Němec (Jablkoň) asked Tomáš to form a new original band called Krajina Ró. He can also be seen as session player with bands such as Livin´ Free, Charlie Slavik Revue, Tonny Blues Band atd.

Johnny Judl (bass guitar, lead vocal) — graduate at Prague Conservatory Of Music, multiinstrumentalist, as a musician traveled and performed through the Europe. He is a member of a famous band called Jablkoň (The Apple) with which he recorded over 11 CD´s and traveled through Europe, USA or Africa.

Michal Nosek (drums, vocal) – graduate at KJJ and Jazz intepretation at JAMU. His style of playing is very versatile and he plays in many different projects such as Personal Highway, Beata Hlavenková, eggnoise, Jana Lota, Maraca, Mario Bihari etc. With Michael we have put up some weight again, because he makes a great benefit for us and our playing.